Fotograferar live evenemang diskret med respekt

"Palli takes the most fantastic pictures! Out of all the photographers I've used in the past, no one manages to get this much 'sting' in the photos like Palli, even in dark-lit surroundings! Today he's my go-to photographer if I want high quality pictures! :-)"
//Daniel Lantz, CEO and producer at DO MUSIC RECODS.
"As you can tell from the pictures, Sweden International Improv Festival looks great all thanks to Palli. He somehow manage to perpetuate atmospheres and memorable moments in his work, so that when you look at the pictures it’s like you’re back in those moments. He is a brilliant photographer and an amazing person to work with. He is flexible and creative and at the same time detail-oriented and well organised. He is the whole package PLUS he’s an excellent photo editor."
//Gustav Uddgård produser at Sweden International Improv Festival.
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